Why don't you sell Online?
Purchasing a safety knife isn't like choosing a pair of socks, one size doesn't fit all.  Call or email us to discuss your requirements, or complete the Online 'No Obligation Product Trial' form and we'll do the rest.


What make the 'Moving Edge' technology so unique?
The patented 'Moving Edge' mechanism is fitted to all our GR8 range of safety knives. The principle is that the GR8 safety knife allows the blade to move in a slicing action whilst the safety knife cuts. This action reduces snagging during the cut and requires significantly less force than a fixed blade cutter. An additional benefit is the area of contact between the material cut and the blade edge is extended which in turn reduces blade wear.

The 'Moving Edge' is patented technology and is only available in New Zealand, through Safety Knives Ltd.


What is the difference between the "GR8 Primo' and the 'DispoLite'?
The GR8 Primo is the top of the range, innovative and extremely durable safety knife with the unique 'Moving Action' blade technology'.  The replaceable spring loaded blade automatically slices through the material you wish to cut with ease.  You can view this unique feature on our Training Video

The 'DispoLite' is a high performance lightweight disposable safety knife with built in tape cutter and ergonomic handle.

A fully metal detectable version of the 'DispoLite' is also available.


What materials can't I cut with the GR8 Primo safety knife?
Because the GR8 Primo has been designed with a finger safe gap, you cannot cut plastic or thin film like materials, which are wrapped tightly around a roller, or tightened cable straps.  This is due to the fact that in these two instances, you cannot get the stainless steel blade in contact with materials you wish to cut.


What is your 'Product Information Line' & 'Purchases' phone number?
Call us on: 0800 43 88 49 for all enquires.


Are the prices displayed on this site GST inclusive?
No, we are a business website.  All our pricing are GST exclusive and there is usually a freight charge applied to each order, except for the 'No Obligation Trial'.


How long will delivery take?
North Island usually takes 2 to 4 working days.  South Island 2 to 5 working days.


What are your despatch times and freight charges?

Orders are despatched within 1 to 2 days of receipt and be received in the following time frames:

      Two to four business days within the North Island - with a freight charge of $9.50 + GST

      Two to five business days to the South Island - with a freight charge of $18.50 + GST


Can I return a product?

Yes, if you are unsatisfied in any way, you may return the product for a replacement or refund.  Please call or email us to obtain a Returns Authorisation Number, before returning the goods


How can I safely dispose of used blades?
Safe disposal of blades should be a top priority for all businesses, we can provide Sharps Disposal Containers, for this purpose.


What are the differences between the GR8 Primo and DispoLite safety knife?
The GR8 Primo is an innovative safety knife with replaceable Sheffield stainless steel blades and has been designed for heavy duty use, whereas the DispoLite, is as its name suggests, is a disposable safety knife and more suited for lighter duties. 


Can the GR8 be used to cut seat belts?
Yes, the 'GR8 Primo' safety knife is probably the best emergency seatbelt cutter available on the market and is currently being used by the Tauranga Fire Brigade.  Due to its moving action blade, it cuts seatbelts safely and easily.  The enclosed blade provides total safety for the person trapped in their seat belt.


What is the maximum thickness of material which can be cut with the GR8 Primo safety knife?
5mm, due to the design of the 5mm finger safety gap.


How long does the blade last?
It really depends on the type of material that you are cutting. Pallet wrap is quite soft whereas cardboard is abrasive.  The more you cut abrasive materials, the sooner the blade will blunt. However it should be remembered that due to the moving action of the blade, it will last up to four times longer than a conventional blade.  As the blade becomes blunt, it automatically moves to a sharper section.


What colours are available?

The GR8 Primo is available in red only.
The DispoLite is available in yellow only.
The FoodSafe version is only available in blue.


How safe are GR8 Safety Knives?
When used correctly, the 'GR8 Primo' safety knife is one of the safest knives available.  The blade is enclosed within a 5mm finger-safe gap so it is almost impossible to cut yourself.  A wealth of information on the correct use and safety aspects of the 'GR8 Primo' can be found on this website.  If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, please Contact Us.


Will the GR8 cut everything?
All most but quite.  It will cut most materials provided that:

  • the material can easily fit into the 5mm finger-safe gap

  • the correct cutting angle of 45 degrees is used.  To get an effective and efficient cut, hold the knife at a 45 degree angle to the material being cut.  Take a quick look at the Training Video and you'll master the correct use of the GR8 Primo in minutes

  • with material such as pallet wrap, create tension by holding and pulling with your free hand, whilst cutting a safe distance away, with the other.  The material being cut, needs to be taut, without tension pallet wrap or fabric will tend to bunch up within the finger-safe gap


What is the best way to cut banding straps?
Banding straps should be cut at a 45 degree angle along its length, don't cut at 90 degrees across the strap, as it will tend to just bend towards you without cutting.


If the GR8 Primo safety knife won't cut!
There are three possible reasons for this:

  • the blade is blunt, reverse or replace the blade
  • you are not using the correct 45 degrees cutting angle
  • there is something jammed within the finger-safe gap


How versatile is the GR8 Primo?
The GR8 Primo is without doubt, the most versatile Safety Knife that you can purchase.  When the original GR8 safety knife was introduced in 1996, its patented 'moving action' blade heralded a brand new era in safety knife versatility.


How do I change the blade?
A full description of the blade procedure is contained in the Product Data Sheet and can be view in the Training Video

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