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Providing the ultimate solution!

Here at Safety Knives Ltd, we believe in keeping it SIMPLE.

We've focused on innovation and quality, so your choice is SIMPLE.

Innovative and durable: the GR8 Primo

Quality and disposable: the DispoLite

We're happy to supply you both, free of charge, for a no obligation trial.

The GR8 Primos unique slicing action, both reduces snagging and allows the blade to glide through tough materials such as cardboard and banding straps with ease. 

The GR8 Primo is virtually indestructible and comes with a 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

The DispoLite is a high performance lightweight disposable safety knife with built in tape cutter and ergonomic handle.

Both safety knives eliminate blade related accidents and reduce stock damage.  We haven't received a single report of a blade related injury in over 20 years of sales.

The patented 'Moving Action' blade in the GR8 Primo, makes it the most effective safety knife on the market!  But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself Click Here to arrange your 'No Obligation Product Trial'.

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GR8 Primo






The GR8 product range includes; Enclosed Bladed Safety Knives, Metal Detectable Safety Knives, Safety Box Cutters, Utility Knives, Disposable Safety Knives, Replacement Blades, Sharps Disposal Containers and Sharps Bins.